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Welcome to My Blog!
Cynthia & Friends

I’m excited to launch my design blog today! I cannot wait to have this chance to really get to know people! My love of homes and the fascinating people who live in them fueled my passion for design. Being intimately involved with the families and individuals I create with is just one of the many reasons I love my job!

I also want you to get to know me better – not just the polished brand, but the real me! The person who loves to sketch, to hang out with my boys, and to travel the world. The person who is known for a quirky sense of humour, who actually loves numbers, and who is more than slightly obsessed with table settings.

My love of homes and the fascinating people who live in them fueled my passion for design.

With my dear friends and fellow designers at the 30th anniversary party for Veranda magazine.

My first love (other than my boys, of course) is and always has been design. You know how teachers often categorize learners? I’m definitely a visual learner! Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved colour and texture. I’ve always organized my agendas and calendars by colour-coding, from school right through to today. I need those bright hues to help me schedule and remember what’s on my never-ending to-do list!

Fabrics & Wallpaper

I’ve also moved houses about every three years while growing up and found solace in redecorating each new space. I loved the ritual of wallpapering and painting our new walls with my mom, whether we were in England, the United States, or Canada. New beginnings always brought new opportunities to redecorate.

A view of one of my (many!) mood boards for an interior design project.

I still love the excitement of that fresh start – it’s what draws me to my passion of designing interiors. I’m thrilled each time by the idea of creating something beautiful out of a blank canvas. It never fails to give me chills when I present the right interiors to my clients!

I look forward to giving you an inside peek each week here on this design blog to both my professional life and my everyday life. Be prepared for a few laughs along the way!

And be sure to comment or send me your questions and thoughts. I want to get to know YOU, too!

Until next time,

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